HI this is the place where i say whatevers on my mind

its PROBABLY daily but im not sure i dont trust my future self to update it


SURNACHI SEZ: 11:00 AM 4/13/2020
happty homestuck day
ok thats all i have to say bye
i dunno, have fun i guess? dont read homestuck

SURNACHI SEZ: 2/23/2020 02:23 AM
holysshit. hoooollly fucking shit. okay its update time

WELCOME to the most recent fucking surnachi sez

the first update of the decade

ive updated my god damn neocities page


shit i dont know where to start

well i didnt update for two months

running on 3 months now


alrigfht so the new things i added:

some shit in the about we page (mspfa and "0other" category)

the "peepit" page where i paste in random sshit for people to check out that i think is cool

the peepit page was thje entire fucking reason i didnt update for like 3 months

do you know how fucking painful it is to like, copy each and every single link and then making its own little table thing anf then downloading an image for it and then just doiong the same thing over and god damn over holy shit

that is 100% why i did not want to work on it

and theres still like two or three categories i sti,ll need to make and i know i will probably fuckin never get around to installing them

the categories are gonna be games, jams, and net art

but holy shit am i just not looking forward to installing that

i swear to FUCK if nobody uses the peepit page i will give the hell up

BUT thats enough being stressed about not updating this

actually no its not really stress its like,

fuckin i dunno

whjatever who gives a shit

NOW for the other cool misclenaneous things i added in

i added in the little tick counter on the index page so thats nice

and the little marquee for you bitches that think mym neocities page is confusing

it wasoriginally located on the very bottom of the page and you UNATTENTIVE BITCHES ddidnt know where to look

so there you go! fuckers

people say my website is confusing to them and i want to knwo HOW it is because like, it is the most fuckin straightforward shit.if you zoom out its like a fucking pillar. htats it. just read it left to right top to bototm like a book hly shit

BUT i digress

now for some other shit i jooted down in my notes to write down:

i stitched together a cool voodoo doll but its kind of rally shitty

and then i forgot about sewing for 3 months oops

at least its good for holding sewing needles so theyre not out and about my bedroom piercing my fucking skin

amnd thats it thats all the notes

oh yeah also i think i made it a vow to make harris be in every surnacxhi sez now

here you go shitlick:

and i think thats all the shit i need to say

GOOD BYE! i dunno when im next gonna update

but i will update i assure you that. it is my fucking god givcen right and destiny to have a neocities page. i am a connesueuier of the early net and i will forever be that. mark my fucking words

okey bye bye ^w^


if youre chewing a piece of mint gum, just like keep cewing that for a long time, then if you take a really deep breath it feels fucking incredible and i highly reccomend doing that

thats all

sorry for making the text black on this one

if i made it my pastel pink (#ff99ff) then it would be un fucking readable

and i downloaded a shit load of pastelly background images because i liked the way they look so fuck. i guess i wont be using ff99ff all the time for my text like i wanted then

alright NOW thats all




SURNACHI SEZ: 12/31/2019 09:00 PM
hello everynody happy new years i havent updated in like 5 days cus i didnt care

i have been doing many things and also kind of not been doing jack shit so theres that

so im making this neocities update cus its new years

in other news i have not gotten any new additions to SMILE, YOU'RE ON CAMERA! so that sucsk :( i think most of the additions would be from me though

actually maybe im gonna make an announcement on the nu net artists discord server actually

expect more additions soon!


and if you wanna make an addition, join the discord and @ me with the image

also i got a new twitter account HELL YEAH

also harris thagomizer says he wants to be on my page more so HERE YOU GO, SHIT HEAD!

i love you harris :)

ok bye
i made a fortnite streamer say he was gonna join heavens gate on live stream

happy new years !
listen to echobo by anamanaguchi it genuinely makes me feel like this video

SURNACHI SEZ: 12/26/2019 11:36 AM
i dont feel like making a surnachi sez today so im just gonna make the background have the text be unreadable goodbye i hope you have a nice day
draw my fursona

SURNACHI SEZ: 12/25/2019 01:07 AM
merry christmas! it is currently 1 am as im typing this so its not really christmas day but it still technically is christmas

i tried to spend all christmas eve updating my neocities page but i kept getting distracted then when i finally got to working on it my grandparents decided to make me go to fuckin christmas church mass so it completely sidetracked my progress but im here now!

itll probably hot as shit outside when its day even though its christmas day cus thats just how texas is

probably worse for arizona though

ok time to stop talking about christmas

i added the ARTISIANS GALLERY, where i post my net art and my midis and shit

i tried to upload every single mp3 i made but i severely regretted trying to fit it all into one .html file so i just decided to make it all soundcloud links

i also fixed the ABOUT WE page to make it seem nicer and neater for your viewing pleasures

thats it really

also harris thagomizer says hi

have fun opening gifts and shit!


read 17776 once you have any free time cus its really good

SURNACHI SEZ: 12/24/2019 12:28 AM
i have now updated my neocities page to have this thing on it and also my olia shrine so my neocities page is impeccably cool

it is currently christmas eve at midnight so when i wake up itll be christmas eve but day time

time to say more thingsa bout me!

i like net art, comics, and commonly dont do JACK SHIT.

i talk with my friends all the time, i sometimes play games, listen to music nigh constantly (like right now), and SOMETIMES work on things i like, such as this neocities! ill get back into the total swing of net art and my other interests for as long as my tiny brain can allow it

i try to program but barely know anything, so i need to learn more

i LOVE ham radio shit, like antennas and stuff. im currently trying to make my own LONG RANGE YAGI WIFI ANTENNA to join the LORA MESHNET. but its kind of hard to do without a FUCKING soldering kit (the one at my house literally dissapeared no one knows where it is or went)

ill talk more about myself in later updates i guess

also, the next thing im gonna add to this site is adding my gallery of net art and midis! so look forward to that

listen to dawn metropolis by anamanaguchi its really nice and reminds me of the early episodes of adventure time